Bet'cha Heard of Me.


Adventures were the meaning of life for Drakk. He made his keep by traveling the lands for the next big quest. He wants to be the man that everyone talks about and desires that fame.
At a young age, he and his sister Sheik would often spar with both of them having turns of victory against the other. Their father, Larz, often would speak of his distaste at how Drakk was a bad influence on Sheik because his daughter was not “feminine”. Drakk would shrug and retort back with “Would you rather your daughter be a damsel? Or a fighter?” That typically got him to quiet down.
When Drakk became of age and of skill he decided to start off on his adventure. He had packed his things and was saddling his horse when Sheik came out holding a pack and a sword.
“I have talked with Father and he has agreed that I may leave if I go with you.” She goes over and grabs her horse to start saddling it.
“I see, so I’m stuck with you is what your saying?”
“No, I just need you to ride out of town with me. I’ll take my leave there.” She throws the saddle on and begins messing with the straps.
Drakk splutters “N-no your not! Dad said that you are to come with me, sis.” He mounts his horse and rides over to her.
“That ain’t necessary, I can figure it out on my own.” She mounts as well, shifting her weight to get comfortable.
“No.” Drakk parks his horse infront of hers “You come with me, or you do go at all.”
Sheik glares at him “Fine.”

He became a quest extraordinaire and his fame began to spread. He was known as the man that got shit done, no questions asked.
Every time name was mentioned he knew he was one step closer to his goal.



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